Summer Storage for University Students.

Storage and Transportation Services for Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s

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Purchasing Your Storage
Select your school, find your dorm, and select the storage package that is right for you. Check out and you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed.
Move Out Day

On Saturday May 5th, 2018, Xstudia will pick up the majority of your items, carefully transporting them to climate controlled units.  Hold on to a few small boxes for clothes, bedding, and toiletries to drop off Thursday or Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM of Finals Week.

Move In Day

On Sunday August 19th for Saint Mary’s or Monday August 20th for Notre Dame, Xstudia Team Members will return your items to campus. You are now ready to start a new school year!  (P.S. If you need to collect your items early, we will have early pick up available on Thursday, August 14th and Friday August 15th from the unit if you purchase this option.)

Purchasing Your Storage
Select your school, find your dorm, and create an account to purchase your summer storage. Choose your drop off and pick up locations and you are ready to go.
Picking Up Your Items
On the designated date near the end of the year, Xstudia staff will pick up your items and carefully transport them to climate controlled storage facilities.
Returning Your Items

Xstudia team members will bring your items back to you directly from storage, dropping them off at your designated location!

About Xstudia
Have you ever wished you didn’t have to move out in the Summer? Do you hate wasting a whole day renting a truck, purchasing a storage unit, or moving items back and forth to the storage unit from campus?  Do you find the entire self storage process painful and inconvenient?  Xstudia is the summer storage solution for you.
Our Mission
Xstudia was founded by students for students seeking to provide an affordable and convenient alternative to self storage. Our hope is that every student can store their items easily, with no effort or time wasted. As fellow students we understand how valuable a student’s time can be, let us help you out.
Have any questions or simply want to get in touch with us?