About Xstudia

The Alternative to Summer Self Storage in South Bend

Have you ever wished there was an alternative to self storage?  Are you looking for summer storage for your bulky items, but aren’t sure you have the time for self storage?  Is the though of moving out filling you with dread?

Arranging a traditional storage unit is expensive and complicated. Exploring off campus to rent a storage unit is time consuming, expensive and a hassle; the unit will likely not be climate controlled which puts your valuable items at risk; and transporting your items, particularly those larger couches and rugs, requires you to rent a truck and spend a half day moving out and another half day moving back in August.

Xstudia was launched at Notre Dame for students by students seeking to provide an affordable and convenient alternative to self-storage.  Last year, we stored over 1,200 items for Notre Dame students!

At Xstudia, we’ve created an incredibly simple and convenient system for you to move and store your stuff over long breaks.

Using Xstudia, simply visit our site and select your campus and dorm to purchase storage.  

Choose your package based on your needs, and check out.  You will receive confirmation that your order has been placed. We offer three separate package types:

Xstudia Personal Storage:  Up to 8 boxes or approved small items, with two of those items able to be kept till the last day.  Storage for large items such as futons, couches, and bikes can also be purchased for a small additional fee.

Xstudia Premium Storage: Up to 12 boxes or approved small items, with three of those items able to be kept till the last day.  Storage for large items such as futons, couches, and bikes can also be purchased for a small additional fee.

Xstudia Summer Abroad Storage: Up to 10 boxes or approved small items.   Additional expense covers storage from December through August.


  1. Once you have purchased your storage, Xstudia will email you confirming what time and day your items will be collected.
  2. On our designated Pick Up Day, bring your items to a location near your dorm, drop them off with an Xstudia representative and we’ll take care of the rest.  Exceptions: If you purchased a Premium Package, your items will be picked up directly from your room.
    1. Hang on to a few small items for the last few days (bedding, toiletries, essential clothes).
    2. Drop them off at central campus locations Thursday or Friday before you leave.
  3. Your valuable items will be stored in climate-controlled, secure units while you are away. When you return in the fall, come back to the same convenient location near your dorm to pick up your items.
  4. You’re all set for the next school year!

What Makes Xstudia the Best Option for Summer Storage?

Xstudia is a safe and secure solution that will save you time and money:

  • We have been granted exclusive access to campus by the Office of Housing at Notre Dame to provide summer storage for students.
  • The Xstudia website utilizes the latest security encryption and is powered by one of the premiere names in E-Commerce, Ecwid.
  • Xstudia movers are fellow students helping students as an alternative to self storage, and our company is overseen by the Rectors Board, NDSP, and the Office of Housing ensuring all operations on campus are safe.
  • Xstudia is registered as an LLC with strong financial backing and fully insured.
  • Our advisors include members of the Notre Dame board, faculty and staff.
  • We are the University approved alternative to summer self storage or non-climate controlled trailer storage.

We are excited to bring the highest quality service to assist students at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s with storing their items affordably and conveniently.