Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Xstudia Student Storage?

Xstudia Student Storage was launched as a service at Notre Dame for students by fellow students seeking to provide an affordable and convenient alternative to self-storage. Our teams move your items off campus, store them in climate controlled units, and return them at the end of the summer.  Xstudia has now been in operation for four years and is growing each year to campuses across the country, providing the security and financial backing of our company to student moving teams at each University.

Can I store with a roommate to lower costs?  I see your packages cost less then renting a traditional unit or any competitor but still want to keep my cost as low as possible.
Of course!  Keep in mind we do have a hard item limit for the purchased package and all items need to be labeled under the student name who purchases the package.

Can I store Electronics? What else can I store?
The amount of items you can store varies depending on which package you select, so check the store for more details.  As to storage, a giant duffel bag filled with all your clothes for instance counts as an item, as does a TV or a rug. We encourage you to store any items with us that you need to, including electronics- just be aware they need to be packed properly so as to not be damaged. Visit the Packing Tips page when packing to learn more about how to secure your items so they can be stored without damage.

How do I pay?

Xstudia is a registered LLC and we use a third party shopping cart to handle all financial transactions. Simply visit our website and check out easily, quickly, and securely through our online store powered and secured by Ecwid, the leading E-commerce service that powers stores ranging from small business owners to Coca-Cola.  You can choose to pay with a debit or credit card, as well as using PayPal.

Why should I use Xstudia?
Instead of spending all your time hunting for the right storage units with friends, renting a U-Haul to move bulky items, and spending hours going back and forth to move your items in, you can use Xstudia. We securely transport your items to a secure storage facility. All you need to do is bring your stuff to the drop off site, and we’ll take care of the rest, all for around the same cost of renting a 5x10 unit for yourself.

What if I return to campus early in the Fall?

When completing the purchase, you will have the option to select the ability to come collect key items early directly from our storage facility if you need to return to campus before the majority of our student moving team has arrived.

Are the drop-off locations the same as the pick-up?

Yes, they are, but if there is a change due to external circumstances we will notify you via e-mail.

Are boxes for storage provided or do we have to get those on our own?

We do not provide any boxes for storage, you will need to pack up items on your own. We can provide recommendations of places where you can pick up boxes for cheap, or a duffel bag or plastic bins work equally well as long as they fit within the size restrictions.

What can I store my items in?
Visit our Packing Tips page on the website for more information, but we leave how to pack items up to you. Please remember that how you choose to pack your items is how they will be stored, so make sure items are secure.

When do we need to have our stuff packed up by?

We advise students to have all their items packed and ready to go the day before so that move out is as seamless as possible and there are no issues that might affect our teams reaching other students on time.


Refunds and Returns

If you accidentally ordered the wrong package or would like to refund your order for any reason don’t worry! Our team is happy to help if you email with your order number and we will get you a refund as quickly as possible.

 Please Note:

  • We will offer a full refund up to a week before your schools move out date.
  • Any order cancelation within a week of the move out date will come with a $50.00 cancelation fee.  
  • There are no refunds for orders after the move out has been completed.

Return Address

1234 North Eddy Street

Apartment 214

South Bend, Indiana 46617

United States