Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Xstudia?
Xstudia was launched at Notre Dame for students by students seeking to provide an affordable and convenient alternative to self-storage. We move your items off campus, store them in climate controlled units, and return them at the end of the summer.  Xstudia is the only University approved summer storage option, and works directly with the Office of Housing to schedule item collection dates, prices, and return dates as well as various packages and offerings for programs such as Study Abroad.

Can I store with a roomate to lower costs?
Of course!  Just make sure you match our item limit for the account and have all items labeled under one account.  We have found that doing this can make Xstudia the cheapest storage solution available in the South Bend, Indiana area!

How much does it cost?
Prices vary based on location, package, and how far away we are from the move out date.  When choosing your dorm, you will have the option of selecting between three packages- Personal, Premium, or Study Abroad.  What is the difference?  Personal is a cheaper option where you bring all your items outside the dorm to meet our moving team, and we take care of transporting them to storage, storing, and returning them to your dorm in the Fall where you meet us and bring them back to your room.  Premium involves Xstudia Teams coming directly to your room and carrying your items downstairs and to the trucks for you, and then returning your items directly to you in the Fall.  Premium also allows for more storage, with a total of 8 boxes being allowed to be stored. Study Abroad has the same package restrictions as Flexible, but with extended storage and two extra items.  All options allow you to drop off additional small items at central campus locations on the last few days before leaving for the summer.

What are the dates and times for move in and move out?
This year move out is Saturday, May 5th 2018
, with a few small items dropped off at one or two central location on Thursday or Friday of Finals Week.  Specific times and locations will be emailed to all customers no later than a week before Move Out for when we will be picking up items.  Items will be returned on Sunday, August 19th for Saint Mary’s and Monday, August 20th for Notre Dame.

Can I store Electronics? What else can I store?
The amount of items you can store varies depending on which package you select, so check the store for more details.  As to storage, a giant duffel bag filled with all your clothes for instance counts as an item, as does a TV or a rug. We encourage you to store any items with us that you need to, including electronics- just be aware they need to be packed properly so as to not be damaged. Visit the Packing Tips page when packing to learn more about how to secure your items so they can be stored without damage.

How do I pay?
Xstudia is a registered LLC, and has permission from the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College to operate on campus, the only authorized storage company at Notre Dame. Simply visit our website and check out easily, quickly, and securely through our online store powered and secured by Ecwid, the leading E-commerce service that powers stores ranging from small business owners to Coca-Cola. We are covered by an extensive insurance plan, and are a student venture backed by the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame.

Why should I use Xstudia?
Instead of spending all your time hunting for the right storage units with friends, renting a U-Haul to move bulky items, and spending hours going back and forth to move your items in, you can use Xstudia. We securely transport your items to a secure storage facility. All you need to do is bring your stuff to the drop off site, and we’ll take care of the rest, all for around the same cost of renting a 5x10 unit for yourself.

Can I consolidate with my friends under one account?
Yes, as long as the account does not have more than the number of items allowed in the package.

What if I return to campus early in the Fall?
Unfortunately to keep prices low, we can only offer certain delivery days which we chose to be most convenient for all customers.  We work with the Office of Housing at both schools to determine the most appropriate dates that will be convenient for students and not conflict with the heavy traffic of Move In and Move Out days for the schools. If you can’t wait for your large items to be returned until Sunday August 20th or Monday August 21st, then perfect! When purchasing, make sure to add the option to purchase self-pickup at an earlier date for $10.00 (this covers the cost of us having to staff members a week early) and we will make sure you can get your items from our units when you need them.

By signing up for an account, does that automatically mean I have to use the storage service?
No, only when you check out do we add you to our lists and purchase storage for you.  Please Note: Order cancellations will results in a $30.00 fee.

Do you take bikes?
We do! That being said, the University does offer Bike Storage over the summer, so if you are struggling to find room for your bike in the allocated items, be aware that it can be stored with the University as well!

How do you determine how many items can be stored?
Eight items in our Personal option takes up the space of a 5x10 storage unit approximately, which can range from $40-$80 per month, especially with larger items that many students store such as lofts, futons, bikes, and large electronics being very difficult to store when dealing with hundreds of items.  Feel free to consolidate items into large packages, as long as they stay within the box limit of 28″x28″x28″.  However, be aware that you are transporting most items from your room with the Personal Package, so don’t make the job too difficult for yourself!

Last year Xstudia prices, packages, and dates were slightly different?
Yes. We conduct detailed surveys each year to better understand how we can adjust our offerings to meet student needs while best working with schools to help them.  Everything on this site has been approved by Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s based on collected student feedback from last year.

When you say pick-up location, can that be my dorm room/dorm? Or would I have to move my stuff from my dorm, to another pick-up location?
The locations will be right outside or between the dorms we are picking up from, closest to road access for the trucks. You will be notified exactly where to go in advance of pick up.

I am trying to move out by myself, and have a futon I cannot alone move. Will there be people who can assist me?
Only if you have ordered the Premium Package; if you haven’t, go make some new friends to help you move out!

Are the drop-off locations the same as the pick-up?
Yes, they are, but if there is a change due to external circumstances we will notify you via e-mail.

Are boxes for storage provided or do we have to get those on our own?
We do not provide any boxes for storage, you will need to pack up items on your own. We can provide recommendations of places where you can pick up boxes for cheap, or a duffel bag or plastic bins work equally well.

Where are the drop off locations on campus are located and what day and time we would have to drop off our stuff?
The drop off locations vary from dorm to dorm, we will provide specific instructions for where to bring the items two days before move out for your location, and on the day of it will be clearly marked.

What can I store my items in?
Visit our Packing Tips page on the website for more information, but we leave how to pack items up to you. Please remember that how you choose to pack your items is how they will be stored, so make sure items are secure.

When do we need to have our stuff packed up by?
We advise students to have all their items packed and ready to go the day before so that move out is as seamless as possible and you know that you have all ten items.

How do I sign up?
Visit our store to purchase your storage today!