Xstudia is a platform connecting students on campus looking to store dorm room furniture over the summer with fellow students who can help them move out at their University. It is student led, student run summer storage!

The core concept of the Xstudia Business Development Manager program is to provide college students the opportunity to establish their own entrepreneurial venture and gain real world work experience and management skills while receiving substantial compensation.

Accordingly, we are looking to hire driven, outgoing individuals at each university to work in overseeing the development and management of their campus operations.

If you are interested in bringing Xstudia to your school, please email Sean Buckley, Director of Business Development at [email protected]


Brian Crowley

Business Development Manager, University of Notre Dame

“Last year our team on campus successfully moved out over 97 students in 7 hours.  The experience I gained running a team of over 18 fellow students was invaluable, and the $1,400 I pocketed wasn’t bad either.”